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Vibroacoustic Harp Therapy®     

體感聲波豎琴療法Vibroacoustic Harp Therapy ® (VAHT)源自美國, 根據1960年代開始有關震頻能量醫學(vibrational medicine)的研究,在1990年由心理學家暨豎琴家Sarajane Williams 經多年臨床經驗及分析而推展的新療癒方法。有關研究仍繼續進行以增加實証,然而廿多年的臨床研究顯示,對於有長期痛症、失眠、焦慮、頭痛、情緒低落、水腫、 纖維肌痛症的患者,VAHT都可以減輕相關病徵,及有刺激身體產生自我調整的作用。

進行VAHT的過程大約45-60分鐘, 你會躺在一張特製的椅/床墊上, 療癒師會評估個人需要, 現場彈奏最個人化(customized) 的豎琴音樂, 你身體的不同部份會因應對音樂的共鳴而產生各種感覺,例如輕微的震動、溫暖等,因此VAHT也被喻為「音樂按摩(musical massage)」。

接受VAHT的人士都會有不同體會和反應,最常見的是能夠進入一個最深層的放鬆狀態; 或增加對自己身體的感知; 或入睡; 間中亦會勾起一些回憶; 也有表示身體的痛楚減少,恢復精神等。

豎琴療癒室Harpmony Studio是東南亞地區唯一提供VAHT的地方。期望可以將豎琴療法及VAHT引進本地,讓大眾可以有多一樣選擇以促進身心安康和諧。    
What is Vibroacoustic Harp Therapy (VAHT)? 
Often described as a musical massage, Vibroacoustic Harp Therapy involves the live performance of harp music amplified through a vibrotactile chair or pad, directly delivered to a patient’s body in the form of sound vibration. When the patient (or client) senses that specific tones or pitches resonate in areas of the body where s/he experiences pain or tension, the VAHT practitioner plays music that features and emphasizes those pitches. The music may be improvised or selected from existing repertoire.

What can a patient expect during a VAHT session?
A harp with at least 36 vibrating strings resonates with and relaxes the patient’s body and mind. While lying or sitting on a vibrotactile pad or chair, a patient experiences musical tones in different areas of the body at different times – so the therapy is a dynamic process, tailored to each patient. Abstract thinking slows and awareness expands. S/he may have increased body awareness and feel like s/he’s dreaming. Occasionally, memories (positive or negative) may be recalled, or re-experienced, or symbolized through imagery. New awareness and insight, positive reframing or integration of previously repressed material may possibly lead to emotional release. In addition to deep relaxation and increased body awareness, most patients report relief of pain or symptoms, positive imagery and a feeling of being nurtured.

What types of clients have benefited from VAHT?
Persons who suffer from conditions such as: chronic pain, fibromyalgia, PTSD, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, Sjogren Syndrome, respiratory congestion, lymphedema, headaches, tinnitus, insomnia, anxiety, ‘chemo-brain’ and depression have reported symptom reduction after a 20-minute session of VAHT.

(Source: VAHT PRESENTATION KIT, copyright owned by