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Our mission
Harpmony Studio is the first company in Hong Kong providing harp therapy service. It aims at delivering customized live harp music on individual or group basis, for the purpose of promoting natural body healing and bringing inner harmony and wellness.  ​​

 Services Offered by Harpmony Studio



Bedside clinical visits

Harp therapy session

Occupational therapy session​​

A 45-60 minute session with customized therapeutic live harp playing for individuals to suit personal needs. You may experience the soothing, enegizing and calming effects brought by the harp music. 
Delivered by registered occupational therapist and harp therapist, the unique combination of occupational therapy with therapeutic harp music activities can enhance physical, mental, emotional and spiritual functionings of individuals or client groups. 
Live harp music can be played at bedside your loved one in hospitals, nursing homes or your own facility. Soothing and resonating music can bring calm, energy and peacefulness which accompany people experiencing illness and difficult moments.

Music and storytelling program


Harp lessons

Workshops about therepeutic harp music use for relaxation in different settings such as school, nursing home or indiviudal needs; harp learning programme for older people, adults and children with or without musical experience. Specially designed workshops/programmes for meeting your organziations' training objectives can flexibly arranged and delivered. 
Music appreciation and fun storytelling with harp music are very popular among children from new-born to school age. It stimulates children's imagination, creativity and nurture their appreciation to the natural beauty of harp music in their early life. Lullaby harp sessions can also be tailor made for new born baby or mother-to-be for relaxation and enjoyment.
It's never too late to start learning harp. Harpmony Studio emphasizes service-based learning, offers tailor-made lessons to suit your learning goals with the core value in sharing the beauty of harp music to others around you. You may learn to play just for self-entertainment and relaxation, or you can be a harp angel to play the comforting harp music for someone you love or even anyone in need of the soothing gift. Simple melody with a loving heart is the most powerful and welcoming present. 

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